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I am new with SubSonic and have a problem with query. This is my query string

string sql = "SELECT *" +
             " FROM tbl_exrates, tbl_currency" +
             " WHERE date = " + d;
             " AND tbl_exrates.currency = tbl_currency.cid" +
             " AND (cash > 0 OR transfer > 0 OR sell > 0)";

How to convert it to SubSonic Query string ? Does SS have function support to do that ?

Thanks !

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q = new Select().From(TblExrate.Schema)
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This a great answer, as long as readers remember that SubSonic infers the relationship between TblExrate and TblCurrency based on the existence of a foreign key. I forget what happens if the foreign key doesn't exist--does the query fail? – ranomore May 15 '09 at 8:46
I'm sure it will fail, although I don't know how exactly. – Adam Cooper May 15 '09 at 10:36

It appears you can do quick complicated queries in Subsonic:


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You should follow this link. It has all the select queries you are looking for.

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