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I am trying to install Rhodes for Android application development. I installed rhodes gem (version 3.2), Android SDK latest release and Android NDK (latest). I run "rhodes-setup" and gave the installation path of Java, Android SDK and NDK. When i try to run "rake run:abdroid" for a sample rhodes applocation, it shows as

"WARNING!!! Path to Android NDK contain spaces! It will not work because of the G oogle toolchain restrictions. Move it to another location and reconfigure rhodes."

I moved to another location and tried a another version of NDK ( revision 6 and 6b). But still having error. Could please point out what i am doing wrong? Thank u.

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Make sure there are no spaces in the path, like the error message suggests.

Bad NDK Path

C:\Program Files (x86)\android-ndk-r4\

Good NDK Path


Update the path to the NDK in the Rhodes build configuration files. Try running "rhodes-setup" again and pointing it to your new NDK path.

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Just move your NDK folder to your root folder. I have it like this:


Remember to configure rhodes setup after you have made this change and before running your program. You do this by running:

$ rhodes-setup

on the command prompt while in your app folder.

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