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I want to automatically set one of the entity fields if it was not manually set. Is there a way to check this? The fields has a default value, so I can not simply compare the value. I was wondering if doctrine maintains whether or not value is changed and if I can access that information.

Also, Is prePersist in Doctrine 2 equivalent of preInsert in Doctrine 1? How can I make sure I only run code on create statement?


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The prePersist event (docs about prePersist) is triggered when you call Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager#persist on an entity. If you need to check for changes to an entity, I suggest you to check for the onFlush event (docs about onFlush). There you can obtain any changes you have applied to the entity using the Doctrine\ORM\UnitOfWork API. Changes tracking on an entity happens after calling Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager#persist

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