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I have a query. I am designing a widget. I have 2 apps in it. I am able to pass intents to one of the apps. But i am facing problem when i try to click FB, intents doesn't work. I get error in passing the data from 1 activity to an other. Data not getting passed from 1 activity to another.

Code class first:

Intent i = getIntent();
String show = i.getStringExtra("show"); 
 currentView = 0;
else if(show.equals("twitter"))
currentView = 1 ;  

Class second:

Intent facebook = new Intent(context, SocialList.class);
facebook.putExtra("show", "facebook");
PendingIntent pendingfb = PendingIntent.getActivity(context, 0, facebook, 0);

I need to pass the value from one class to another. In second class i need to get the show value as "facebook" from class first. How can i do that. Please guide me.

Thanks in advance.

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The code i am using.

Inserting Data:

    Intent intent = new Intent(this, ProfileActivity.class);
    intent.putExtra("profileId", userId);

Retrieving Data:

    profileId = getIntent().getExtras().getString("profileId");
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Yes harsh is correct use his way – Sameer Dec 23 '11 at 8:52
Is that possible to put data in the retrieving side ? – TripleS Apr 13 '12 at 9:05

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