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I've currently got an iOS-like on/off slider and would like to return its value which is either 1 or 0 to a hidden HTML field.

The JavaScript looks like this:


    var slideSpeed = 150;
    var leftDist = 42;

    function initCheckBoxes()
        $( ".cb-slider" ).draggable({containment: "parent"});

            var status = $(this).attr("cb-status");

            case "0":
                //its off, slide it by 41px;
                $(this).animate({left: leftDist}, slideSpeed);
                //change status to 1
                $(this).attr("cb-status", "1");


            case "1":
                //its on, slide it to 0px;
                $(this).animate({left: "0"}, slideSpeed);
                //change status to 0
                $(this).attr("cb-status", "0");



And the value I'm concerned with is the var status.

I just can't figure out how to return this value.

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Seems to me that you don't want to "return" the value but to change the hidden field's value. Add this to the mouseup event:

$( '#hidden' ).val( status );

where #hidden is the selector for the hidden input field.

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So with your method I should add $( '#hidden' ).val( status ); then <input id="hidden" name="anonymous" type="hidden"> –  Jako Dec 23 '11 at 8:38
Yes, that's right. –  Juhana Dec 23 '11 at 8:41

You function applied to all elements match by the selector $(".cb-slider"). Are you sure you want to store the selected value of the last changed slider at a shared location?

I´m assuming you´d like to access the values of your sliders server side when you submit the form. If that´s the case you´d need some unique identification of your sliders to separate them from each other and to know which one i which.


Created a plugin example at jsFiddle, check it out.

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