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I have an XmlNodeList that contains packets (item) from the root of the XML example below. I want to sort the XmlNodeList based on the node's key attribute value. The sorting has to be very efficient, every millisecond counts.

Do you have any idea?

    <item key="1000000020">
        Content 20
    <item key="1000000001">
        Content 1
    <item key="1043245231">
        Content n

Edit: I already have an XmlNodeList constructed from the items. I do not have access to the XmlDocument anymore, only the list of items.

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You should try Linq to XML.

 XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(file);

   var nodeList = from ele in doc.Descendants("item")
                   orderby int.Parse(ele.Attribute("key").Value)
                   select ele;

You may try XPathNavigator and XPathExpression.

 //I presume that variable xNodeList contains XmlNodeList.
  XPathNavigator nav=xNodeList.Item(0).OwnerDocument.CreateNavigator();
  XPathExpression exp = nav.Compile("root/item");

  exp.AddSort("@key", XmlSortOrder.Ascending, XmlCaseOrder.None, "", XmlDataType.Number );

  foreach (XPathNavigator t in nav.Select(exp))
    Console.WriteLine(t.OuterXml );
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This would be very elegant, but will not do because I don't have access to the XmlDocument, just the XmlNodeList. – Germstorm Dec 23 '11 at 9:19
@Germstorm - You may try XPathExpression and XPathNavigator. See I'v update my post. – AVD Dec 23 '11 at 10:26
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I solved the problem in a very non-elegant way:

  • I iterated my XmlNodeList
  • During iteration I extracted the timestamps
  • After extracting a timestamp I added the timestamp-XmlElement to a SortedDictionary
  • Converted the SortedDictionary to list (sortedKeys = sortedByDateDisctionary.Keys.ToList();)
  • If the nodes need to be sorted Descending then sortedKeys.Reverse();
  • Then the nodes can be accessed by the sorted keys
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What if more than one nodes have same time stamp ? – Itz.Irshad Mar 1 at 6:46

note: xml variable is string value

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

IEnumerable<XmlNode> rows = doc.SelectNodes("report/table/row").Cast<XmlNode>().OrderByDescending(r => Convert.ToDecimal(r.Attributes["conversions"].Value));
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