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I am developing an application where the users can execute tasks / workflows. Each task is made up of a queue of actions to be executed. I want to be able to be able to have user input after the workflow is started.


  • Task starts
    • Action1 starts
    • Action1 ends
    • Action2 starts
    • Action2 ends
    • Action3 needs user input (UI opens window to get user input)
    • Action3 gets user input
    • Action3 starts
    • Action3 ends
  • Task ends

I am developing this i C# and I am aware of Workflow Foundation and tasks in C#. They may have what I need, but I am also interested in hearing about a design pattern for doing this from scratch.

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The "re-invent the wheel" pattern?!? You already know the right way to do this, why are you trying to do it from scratch? Not Invented Here fear? –  Jamiec Dec 23 '11 at 8:56

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What you have described is the Sequence Workflow Pattern.

There are more Workflow Patterns at the Workflow Patterns initiative and in MSDN Magazine.

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I think the following articles can help you with the async task part:

The Task-based Asynchronous Pattern

TPL and Traditional .NET Asynchronous Programming

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