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I am making a blog in Zend Framework. At this moment I am making the page to edit a blogpost.

I have a multiple select element. It gets his data out of the database. it's a list with tags. when I edit a blogpost, it shows the list in my form filled with all possible tags. Now, I want to set some values selected.(the tags that belong to the post as in the database selected).

Is that possible?

in my form i do this to make the multiple select with values

    //create form element
    $tags = $this->createElement('multiselect','tags');

    //get all tags out DB
    $tags_model = new Application_Model_DbTable_Tags();
    $tags_array = $tags_model->getAll();

    //fill the element with the tags
    foreach ($tags_array as $tag){
          $tags->addMultiOption($tag['id'], $tag['name']);

controller where i call the form: It gets the data from the blogpost and populates it in the form.

         $blogpost = new Application_Model_DbTable_Blogposts();
         $data = $blogpost->load($id);



i must write the solution here because:

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I would say yes but since you don't show us any markup or code it won't be definitive. –  RageZ Dec 23 '11 at 9:23

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See the MultiSelect documentation. Call addMultiOptions() with all values and then setMultOptions() on the sub-set of selected values from the DB.

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nope, that replaces all other tags and it doesn't select a tag. –  user1113130 Dec 23 '11 at 9:40

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