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I have a problem cross compiling netifaces extension under Buildroot Linux distro for ARM (Python 2.7.2). According to this blog I've defined CC, LDSHARE etc. environment variables, but distutils/setuptools doesn't take CC into account so all tests will fail:

running build
Setting prefix
Setting prefix
running build_ext
checking for getifaddrs... not found. (cached)
checking for getnameinfo... not found. (cached)
checking for socket IOCTLs... not found. (cached)
checking for optional header files... netash/ash.h netatalk/at.h netax25/ax25.h neteconet/ec.h netipx/ipx.h netpacket/packet.h linux/irda.h linux/atm.h linux/llc.h linux/tipc.h linux/dn.h. (cached)
checking whether struct sockaddr has a length field... no. (cached)
checking which sockaddr_xxx structs are defined... at ax25 in in6 ipx un ash ec ll  atmpvc atmsvc dn irda llc. (cached)
building 'netifaces' extension

Are there any other cross compile examples/tutorials or what am I making wrong?

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Make sure you have installed the distutilscross package as noted in the article you linked. This adds the -x option and support for PYTHONXCPREFIX/LDSHARED/etc environment variables.

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