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Is there anything dedicated, or do people just use generic monitoring solutions such as Zenoss?

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Disclaimer: I'm the author of RedisLive, so maybe a bit biased :)

But I believe RedisLive ( https://github.com/kumarnitin/RedisLive ) covers most of the useful stats, and you can use it to build a usage pattern across a time period and understand how your Redis usage is changing and predict the growth.

Some of the Widgets Supported:

  1. Shows Peak vs Free memory widget
  2. Commands processed
  3. Top Commands
  4. Top Keys
  5. Info output
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It depends what you want to monitor. For instance, to monitor Redis content, you may be interested by the redis-sampler script provided by antirez.

Now to monitor Redis activity, everything is based on the following features:

Generally, it is also useful to get system level metrics about CPU, memory, and disk I/O, on top of pure Redis statistics. All the monitoring agents you can find are based on a combination of these commands (actually they mostly use INFO).

A minimalist redis-stat monitoring client is provided in the redis-tool package.

There are available plugins for the common monitoring systems:

Finally, there is also a commercial offer to offload Redis monitoring: Radish

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Here's pure sugar in Ruby called redmon

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this is very nice , really liked it –  tawfekov May 21 at 12:31

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