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I tried updating records from sqlyog but they were not updated.

i tried running this sql query but still got result 0 rows affected. UPDATE website_prod SET website_name='Papers',prod_name='Regular',days='10',price='9.99' WHERE website_name='Papers' AND prod_name='Regular' AND days='5' AND price='9.99';

Can anyone explain why the record is not getting updated even thou i am changing values of days from 10 to 5.


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Perhaps there are no records for which all those conditions are true. Also, you're updating fields that already have the value you are assigning to them (because of the conditions) – Lex Dec 23 '11 at 10:47

Could it be this problem?

(it is same problem with UPDATE and DELETE)

If you have FLOATING POINT data types you should always have a Primary key on the table based on non-floating columns.

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