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I have a very strange problem with the HTML 5 file reader. I am loading an image an appending it to a specified . Oddly sometimes the image is not correctly sized or does not show at all, but when I load the same image again, it perfectly works. Firebug tells me that the image is loaded correctly in any case.

Here is how I do it:

function getImg(evt, id) {
var files =;
var file = files[0]
var filename =;
previewimg = filename;
var reader = new FileReader();
reader.onload = function(e) {
    //to empty the div every time a new image is loaded
    readImgData(e, id, filename);
function readImgData(e, id, filename) {
var img = new Image(); = filename;
var split = filename.split('.'); = split[0]
img.src =;
var jimg = $("#" +;
var width = jimg.width();
var height = jimg.height();
console.log('width: ' + width + " height: " + height);
if(id == '#showpreview') {
        'id' : + 'prev'
    if(width > 400) {
        var divider = width / 400;
        var newheight = height / divider;
            'width' : 400,
            'height' : newheight


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The img element will also fire an "onload" event after you assign the src. You have to listen to that.

Problem is similar to : FileReader+canvas image loading problem

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In your code var width = jimg.width(); will execute before your image is full loaded.

You should add a load event handler to your image to get image dimensions.

Add something like this in your readImgData function

var img = new Image();
img.onload = function(evt) {
   var width = this.width;
   var height = this.height;
            console.log("Width " + width + ", Height : " + height);
img.src =;

this should work...

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