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I'm new to Node.JS, already Googled for aswers but there is a lot of ways of doing this. Do you have some sort of math to know when I'll need to scale my Node.JS server? And what tools you use for monitoring server performance and error track?


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What about "if it's too slow"? You need to know for yourself if your system becomes so slow that you need to scale it e.g. by adding more servers. No math can answer that for you - for some people/apps high performance is much more needed than for others. – ThiefMaster Dec 23 '11 at 11:34

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As @ThiefMaster said, this depends on your system. You need to monitor the requests for your site, the CPU load, memory footprint etc and decide if and when to add mode servers.

If you want to know more about Node.js performance read this good article:

If you need a Node.js metrics library, there are 2 ones which I can recommend:


monitoring a node.js server

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I recommend monitoring your event loop and if it starts to back up more than 200ms on a regular basis, you'll need to scale.

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@DaveW awesome idea! could you supply a script? – Manuel Jul 29 '14 at 8:54

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