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I know this is a question asked several times but it seems that this one is a weird issue.

I set settings.py's MEDIA_ROOT = '/home/siteowner/proj/proj/static/product_photos/' and then I created a photo = models.ImageField("logo", upload_to="", blank=True, null=True) model attribute.

Of course I've created the right path (the one specified in MEDIA_ROOT) and I gave it chmod 775.

Despite this when I try to submit the data I always get:

SuspiciousOperation at /admin/catalogo/catalog/add/
Attempted access to './image.jpg' denied.

As you may see I'm not prepending any slash to upload_to (that seems to be the most common error for this kind of model field).

I'm running django with mod_wsgi in a virtualenv (because I'm on ubuntu 10.04 using py2.7) if this might help (everything is working fine btw, django works as expected).

Any idea?

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'upload_to' can't be blank as far as I know. I would set the MEDIA_ROOT to:


and then specify 'product_photos' as the upload_to property.

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Also cannot use a relative path as current working directory of Apache process could be anything. –  Graham Dumpleton Dec 23 '11 at 22:17

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