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I'm trying to develop a media player in which the control commands are comming from serial port like

for  play you will get 'P' charcter from serial port.....
for Forward = 'F'
for Reverse = 'R'
for Pause = 'P'

These commands are comming from our microcontroller board.
Can anyone help me where should i start? How to do this?
Its going to be very very basic player. No fancy things at all. For e.g. a C program output etc.
I'm going to use it for my presentations. I don't know how to do this so please help.

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It doesn't matter where the commands are coming from, you can pass them to a media player object like Windows Media Player. On Windows, .Net has pretty good support for the Media Player. I am sure the same can be done on other platforms too.

Here's a reference article for exposing the Media Player to C++ and here's another one for embedding it in a .NET form.

Also, take a look at this Video LAN project page (they manage the development of VLC). You can do a lot with the VLC player through command line.

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A cross platform media player like VLC can be controlled via command line switches as mentioned here, or via API as explained here.

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