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What does a Profiler do exactly?

I ran the JProbe profiler on my Java EE Application. For now I selected Performance Analysis only. When I investigated the code, it showed how many times each method gets called and how much time it took. It gave me a clear view of these things.

Now my question is, what in general does a profiler do exactly? The only thing it seems to do is showing how many times a method is called and how much time each method took?

Does Profiling a Java EE application indeed only means this thing? (In the concern of Performance Analyses only)

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A profiler can tell you lots of useful things, in addition to traces and method timings:

  • The state of the heap and its generations in real time: perm, eden, etc.
  • Created threads and their states
  • CPU usage
  • Number of instances of each class

I like to use Visual VM 1.3.3 with all the plugins installed. I use the Oracle/Sun JVMs, so it works for me.

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Thank you very much . –  Preethi Jain Dec 23 '11 at 13:28
My pleasure - happy new year. –  duffymo Dec 23 '11 at 13:53

Just to add..Profiling is general concept not only restricted to Java or Java EE. It is a dynamic analysis of your program.

  • what does it do? you can check on profiler application.
  • how does it help: Helps you to optimize your program and trouble shoot cases such as Out of memory and dead lock which is not possible with the routine debugging techniques (printlns and debugger).
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