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I am using Struts2 File control s:file.

JSP code

<s:file name="user.batchFile" />

Action class code

new MimetypesFileTypeMap().getContentType(getUser().getBatchFile());

It returns application/octet-stream.

I am uploading CSV file. Is their any way I can get text/csv. I want to validate the file, that user should only upload the actual file. Not some other system file. Or not by changing it's ext to csv too.

How can I get the actual file type?

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If you need to identify the mimetype without relying on filename extensions, there are a variety of libraries that can help determine mimetype once you have the file, but you are at the mercy of the client and configuration regarding what's recorded in the action. –  Dave Newton Dec 23 '11 at 13:55

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I believe you need to define following mutator methods

 private File file;
 private String contentType;
 private String filename;

 public void setUpload(File file) {
         this.file = file;

      public void setUploadContentType(String contentType) {
         this.contentType = contentType;

      public void setUploadFileName(String filename) {
         this.filename = filename;


setX(File file) : The file that contains the content of the uploaded file setXContentType(String contentType) : The mime type of the uploaded file setXFileName(String fileName) :Actual file name

Please read the official documentation for details



Additionally if you want to restrict the upload file type you can even do using declarative as

<action name="doUpload" class="com.example.UploadAction">
    <interceptor-ref name="basicStack"/>
    <interceptor-ref name="fileUpload">
        <param name="allowedTypes">image/jpeg,image/gif</param>
    <result name="success">good_result.jsp</result>

But Programmatically limiting the file type using the information passed in to your Action class via the setXContentType(String contentType) method is much flexible that this

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You should not use javax.activation.MimetypesFileTypeMap mime mapping. You should instead get the mime type by ServletContext#getMimeType(). It uses <mime-mapping> entries of the web.xml which you can customize/override. In for example Tomcat, a default list is definied in /conf/web.xml. You can add it there or in webapp's own web.xml as follows:


Then you can get it as follows:

String contentType = ServletActionContext.getServletContext().getMimeType(fileName);
// ...

Be aware that this relies on a proper file extension. If the file has a different extension then you need to throw a validation error on that. If you'd like to validate the actual file content, just pass it through a decent CSV parser. If it chokes, then throw a validation error on that as well.

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