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In my project, I'm trying to access the session data from 2 files, located in 2 different directories:

/site/page.extension.php     <-- initializes the session and writes data to it
                               - also sets a cookie with session_id() and session_name()
/extension/ajax_handler.php  <-- tries to access the session data, session_id()
                               - and session_name() are set via cookie and return the correct values

Now, my problem is, that even though session_id() and session_name() are the same in both files, I cannot access the session-array, it just returns an empty array.

My code: page.extension.php:

setcookie("psc_session", session_id(), strtotime("+20 minutes"), "/");
setcookie("psc_session_name", base64_encode(session_name()), strtotime("+20 minutes"), "/");
$_SESSION['uid'] = system::current_user_id();


print_r($_SESSION); // => array(0) { }

I would really appreciate any help! Greetings!

Update: I've tried setting the session cookie params using this in page.extension.php:

$url = str_replace("http://", '', current_url(false));  // returns the current domain
session_set_cookie_params(10800, "/", $url, 0, 1);

If I now access session_get_cookie_params I receive (in ajax_handler.php):

print_r(session_get_cookie_params()); // =>
    [lifetime] => 0
    [path] => /
    [domain] => 
    [secure] => 
    [httponly] => 

Why does this happen?

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What is system::current_user_id();? – Neal Dec 23 '11 at 13:56
it just returns the numeric id of the user currently logged in (cookie) – n0pt3x Dec 23 '11 at 13:57
What is the reason for this interesting method you have here? – Neal Dec 23 '11 at 14:01
what do you mean? system::* ? static system methods for a CMS – n0pt3x Dec 23 '11 at 14:21
I tested your code above, and could not replicate the problem. Could you describe how to access this two files you did? – TopCaver Dec 26 '11 at 14:43

I cannot replicate your problem, recreating the code you supplied the session variables and the cookies remain intact and are accessible from the ajax_handler.php. I'd suggest you backtrack and make sure both files are requested from the same domain.

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