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Im having a button to open a popup-windwow. By clicking on itself again, the popup-window should close (this one works). But after closing it is not possible to reopen the window. How can I fix this unbind-Problem?

//loading Popup
//0 means disabled; 1 means enabled;
var popupStatus = 0;
function loadPopup ($elem) {
    //loads popup only if it is disabled
        $elem.fadeIn(300, function(){
        //Closing popup by clicking the button
            $("#popup-button").bind("click", function(){
        popupStatus = 1;  

//disable popup
function disablePopup(){
        //disables popup only if it is enabled  

            $("#popup-button").unbind("click", function(){
             popupStatus = 0;  
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There is no unbind necessary in my opinion, try something like this:

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