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Other than not being able to build Silverlight, can anyone tell me what the differences are between 32 and 64 bit MSBuild? All I can find on Google are articles about 64-bit builds, but 32-bit MSBuild seems to be able to build x64 assemblies just fine.

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Ginormous solutions, building a managed operating system for example. Maybe, I seriously doubt it. Troubleshooting the file system redirection problems won't be fun, no doubt the cause for the Silverlight build problem. – Hans Passant Dec 23 '11 at 15:27
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The 64 bit version will have access to more address space. There is a writeup of it here that also covers some disadvantages: Is there any advantage to building my .NET application with the 64 bit framework?

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32-bit MSBuild seems to be able to build x64 assemblies just fine - this is correct.

++ more address space - needed for a huge builds
-- issues with using assemblies forced to 32/64bit - 64bit aspnet_compiler is called from 64bit MSBuild and I faced with forced 32bit reference issues.

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