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I have been trying for days to get my site working with fb comments and still get an error (Warning: redacted is unreachable.) I have tried to set up an app but this hasnt worked either The url to the site page in question is redacted can someone please advice me were i am going wrong? Rich

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  1. Go to http://developers.facebook.com and from the top menu, click Apps
  2. On the left side of the page select the App you want to edit
  3. Then on the right side of the page locate and click Edit Settings
  4. Under Basic Info section, locate "App Domain" and put in there "EXACTLY" only your naked domain (for example: e-loadxtreme.com - that is without 'www' or anything else)
  5. Now locate "Site URL" under the Website section and put in there "EXACTLY" the URL of your site (for example: http://www.e-loadxtreme.com - replace 'www' if your Kajabi site is on a sub-domain configuration)

(Taken from kajabi.com)

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BOOOM! We have a winner - thanks so much. :) –  Richard Prowse Dec 23 '11 at 14:53

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