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I'm working with a tool that only allows for Javascript as the scriptting language. With the script, I need to launch a process. How would I go about this?

The javascript code is running on the client that will launch the process. The javascript interpeter is RhinoJS.

So my question remains: 1. Is there a way that I can call a specific Java class from Rhino [ProcessBuilder]? or 2. Is there a way to launch an executable from Javascript? [I've tried the UniversalXPConnect route, but it turns out that the version of Rhino I'm using doesn't really worry about permissions]

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That was quick [I found the answer right after I asked]:

var pb = new java.lang.ProcessBuilder("notepad.exe", "c:\test");

Basically RhinoJS has a quirk to allow it to directly access Java functionality. So basically once should just launch the process from there.

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