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I am having problems with simple adding text value to an associative array. Here's part of my code

if($count > 0){ 
        echo $ns_content->encoded;//test works i see the content
        $itemnode = array ( 
            'imgurl' => $item->imgurl,
            'title' => $item->title,
            'desc' => $item->description,
            'content' => $ns_content->encoded,
            'link' => $item->link,
            'date' => $item->pubDate,
        array_push($feed, $itemnode);

Just echoing the $ns_content->encoded works,but when i insert the value in the array for later use, it stays empty?? This is also the case for description. The only thing is they are both multiline text with html tags, can this be the problem???


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Please post an example of the HTML output for each output version (the echo and the print_r. Please view the HTML source and copy the output from there, then update your question with the output. –  George Cummins Dec 23 '11 at 15:40
What happens if you use strval like that: 'content' => strval($ns_content->encoded), ? –  vstm Dec 23 '11 at 15:42
adding strval gives me hope ;) –  alex Dec 23 '11 at 15:45

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It seems like you are using SimpleXML to access the XML-document. If you want to store the value of a node as string, then you have to cast it to a string (otherwise you only have a reference to a SimpleXMLElement instance).

There are three ways of doing that:

// strval and (string)-cast call __toString()
$str = strval($item->description); 
$str = (string)$item->description;

// call __toString() directly, might blow up if "$item->description" is no object
$str = $item->description->__toString();
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CDATA? I think sometimes CDATA got in my way when trying to parse feeds. Try SimpleXML with the LIBXML_NOCDATA flag maybe?

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maybe if($count > 0) not working? did u try putting print_r inside if?

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Your HTML is probably being rendered. Try:

echo '<pre>' . print_r($feed, 1) . '</pre>';
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hmm, no didn't populate the content. With strval it does like vstm pointed out –  alex Dec 23 '11 at 15:49

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