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I have a Controller which has a Create method to handle HttpPost data from a form. The page containing the form is accessed by the URL


When the form is submitted, I do a db insert & create a view model object which is returned to the view to display the form again. This works fine, however the URL has now changed to the name of my action method:


How can I make it show the original URL? The desired result would be like that it worked like a postback, i.e. reshowing the same page and URL.

This is my (simplified) action method, which returns a CallDetailsViewModel object to a view named 'Call':

 public ActionResult Create(GGAP_CallOutcome callOutcome)
    if (ModelState.IsValid)
        return View("Call", new CallDetailsViewModel{
            CustomerOrder = new CustomerOrder{},
            CallOutcome = new CallOutcome{},
            Task = new Task{}
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I think you should look at the Post-Redirect-Get pattern (PRG pattern).

Implementation details can be found in this question.

IMHO the interesting moment is how to use TempData to manage invalid ModelState.

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not many responses! too close to christmas maybe?

For the record, I used RedirectToRoute:

return RedirectToRoute(new
   controller = "CallOutcome",
   action = "Call",
   orderId = Convert.ToInt32(callOutcome.OrderId)

Which does exactly what I wanted.

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