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I am writing a WPF application with Prism and I was wondering it is possible to step through the source code?

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It is open source: link – Baboon Dec 23 '11 at 16:03

If I'm not wrong, you can do that with PDB files (put them at same level of your dll in directory structure). Also you can easily get sources of prism so you can eventually make it a project referenced to yours so you can easily break in source code.

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Your solution is referencing Prism DLL:s. Go to folder where DLL:are. Take one of .pdb files and open it with notepad. You will find paths like 'c:\prj\PrismNew\Prism4\WorkingDir\PrismLibraryBuild\PrismLibrary\Desktop\Prism.Interactivity\InteractionRequest\InteractionRequestTrigger.cs'. Download Prism source code, and put it on your computer to folder that matches path found on .pdb. I know this it a hack but it works.

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