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in java i know that final variables value cannot be changed. please see the below program and help me how the final value is changed.

public class MainClass {

    final static int name=123;
    public static void main(String[] args) {

Out put is 246**


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Eh? name is not changed at all! Where do you see that it is modified? –  fge Dec 23 '11 at 16:04

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The value of name is not changed, there is a temporary value created for the output. Try

name += 123;

it will fail to compile.

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You are printing name+123 not name The field name hasn't changed.

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System.out.println(name); // run it again with this line
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The final value is not changed. The java just did arithmentic System.out.println(name+123); is 246.

Running System.out.println(name); after that should be 123

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You are not actually modifying the value of name when you call System.out.println(name+123).

If you were to print the value of name after this, you would see that it is still 123.

System.out.println(name);    // prints 123
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You do not change the final variable, but print it with the sum of 123. The value of name is 123 and it sum with 123 and then displayed.

Imagine a third variable build runtime, which is said to contain the sum of name and 123 and then it is said to print it.

Add one more line below this one:

System.out.println(name); // This would print your variable's current value
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