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I would like to use Play data binding with extjs. I created a datastore with extjs like this :

Ext.define('Account', {
    extend : 'Ext.data.Model',
    fields : [{
        name : 'description', type: 'string'
    }, {
        name : 'accountNumber', type: 'string'

store = Ext.create('Ext.data.Store', {
    model: 'Account',
    proxy: {
           type: 'ajax',
           autoSave: false,
           api: {
               read: 'account/research',
               create: 'account/new',
               update: 'account/update',
               destroy: 'account/delete'
           reader: {
               type: 'json'
           writer: {
               type: 'json',
               writeAllFields: true,  
               encode: false

if I do this :

var compte = Ext.create('Account', {
    description: 'test'
store.create(0, compte);

but in my controller :

public static void new(Account account) {
    renderJSON("{success: true}");

all fields are null. I think it's because field must have a prefix like account.description and account.accountNumber in my POST request


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Sorry I am not familiar with PLay but in Grails (which are very similar) you have to do a little bit of data binding before calling save() on the Domain object. Like this

Account account = new Accouunt(params) 


Account account = new Account()
account.properties = params

EDIT: ran through some play docs and I think you are doing it correctly on the server side. On the client side you can try using the "nameProperty" config. You may have to define a property that would fit the Play expected names and use it for nameProperty.

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