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Ok, this problem is probably due to my foggy understanding of the query builder helper methods but for the life of me I cannot find the correct way to use the substring method.

I am attempting to return all results that begin with a specified alphanumeric value. The below code does not throw any errors but it also does not return any results. I have scoured google but apparently there is almost nothing showing how to use substring. I would like to get this working in query builder but I may have to go DQL or raw sql.

    $qb->select('p', 't');
    $qb->from('ContentParent', 'p');
    $qb->join('p.titleCurrent', 't');
            $qb->expr()->eq($qb->expr()->substring('t.sortTitle', 0, 1), ':letter')


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SUBSTRING needs to be one-based.

The MySQL manual states:

For all forms of SUBSTRING(), the position of the first character in the string from which the substring is to be extracted is reckoned as 1.

With Oracle:

SELECT SUBSTR('ABCDEFG',3,4) "Substring"


From the Transact-SQL manual:

SELECT LastName, SUBSTRING(FirstName, 1, 1) AS Initial
FROM Person.Person
WHERE LastName like 'Barl%'

You can see from these examples that they, too, are using one-based (Oracle, however, will assume 1 when given 0).

Simply change your substring parameters to 't.sortTitle', 1, 1 and it will work correctly.

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Jeez such a simple solution. Thanks a ton! – Vertex Dec 23 '11 at 19:21
You're very welcome. – webbiedave Dec 23 '11 at 19:27

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