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I currently have 2 Solutions in visual studio. One contains a bunch of common javascript files, and another contains a bunch of stuff to use them. I can't merge the solutions, but is there any way I can reference the javascript files in one solution, in the other solution so that Intellisense can work?

I tried embedded the javascript as a resource: . Then I added that assembly as a reference into my asp solution, and tried to use

<reference path="myLibrary.js" assembly="JSLibrary" />

but I haven't had any luck. Did I miss something?

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Try it with this reference at the beginning of your JavaScript:

<reference name="JSLibrary.myLibrary.js" assembly="JSLibrary" / >
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For me... I had to add the assembly name AND the path (obviously) ... ie. SomeName.Common.Controls.JS.myscript.js (the JS being the folder it is sitting in) – toddv Oct 16 '13 at 14:47

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