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As part of my build, we use cargo-maven2-plugin to launch a jetty container with our app. Intermittently, we get the result "Failed to start the Jetty 6.x Embedded container." We're bumping up against the default 120 second timeout.

We're using a Sun 1.6.0_07 JVM, so I thought that hprof might be able to help.

As a sanity test, I started with

set MAVEN_OPTS=%MAVEN_OPTS% -agentlib:hprof=cpu=samples,interval=20,depth=3,file=hprof.out

and then ran

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install

(Cargo is configured to run during the pre-integration-test and post-integration-test goals)

This appears to be what I want - I see the messages for starting and stopping the container, and messages that the tests are being skipped. After maven outputs the build summary, I see the message "Dumping CPI usage by sampling running threads ... done." The hprof.out file is written, it has the kind of sample data I want.

Of course, this is a sampling of maven itself, which isn't useful.

How do I get that same sampling information for my web app?

My initial thought was to use the cargo.jvmargs property


, but (a) when I do this (removing the profiling arguments from MAVEN_OPTS), I can't find a resulting hprof.out file and (b) a second look at the documentation suggests that maybe those are only used for the start/stop of the container, and not the container itself?

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