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How can I maintain the scroll position of a GridView (it's filled with search results) throughout a screen reorientation?

I have the GridView inside a Fragment, and when I rotate the screen it jumps back up to the top of the list.

To make it even more tricky, in landscape mode my GridView has 3 columns.. in portrait mode it has 2 columns.

I can't seem to figure out how to keep the fragment's GridView scrolled to anywhere near where it should be when the screen orientation changes.

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You can try this:

Initially you have to get the current scrolling position of the GridView by calling:

int index = gridview.getFirstVisiblePosition();

Then you have to save this value while orientation changes and when the GridView is created again you have to move your gridview to this index.

I suppose this could work:

gridview.smoothScrollToPosition(int index)

Hope this helps!

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I saw that, but I need to support back to 2.1 and so I don't have access to smoothScrollToPosition(). I'm using setSelection(int position) instead. getFirstVisiblePosition() is exactly what I needed. Now I feel silly! Thank you! –  Matthew Runo Dec 23 '11 at 19:30
No problem mate! Glad that helped you! :) –  Dimitris Makris Dec 23 '11 at 19:34
In my app, smoothScrollToPosition does not work. But setSelection works fine. –  ChangUZ May 21 '13 at 6:12
This solution is not the best, consider lots of items, scroll will take long time. gridView.setSelection(index); solve the problem by putting directly the list to the right position. –  Seynorth Jul 30 '14 at 9:28

You can use the following method, it will work for all Android versions.

To save the current scrolling position:

int index = gridView.getFirstVisiblePosition();

Then after orientation change, use the following code to set the gridView position to the saved index:

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this worked!!!! gridview.smoothScrollToPosition(int index)---> will not work when there is lazy loading. –  krisDrOid Feb 4 '13 at 10:25
Same @krisDrOid –  ChangUZ May 21 '13 at 6:11
That works - thanks mate! –  m1nd Mar 21 '14 at 18:29
Awesome ! Thanks –  Seynorth Jul 30 '14 at 9:27

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