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I opened Prawn's manual page and try to use HTML formatting in PDF document. Specifically,

pdf.table([["Just <font size='18'>some</font> <b><i>inline</i></b>", "", ""],
          ["<color rgb='FF00FF'>styles</color> being applied here", "", ""]],
          :cell_style => { :inline_format => true }, :cell_style => {:borders => []})

The problem is, that the HTML tags are displayd as the HTML tags, have anyone the same problem? By the documentation the HTML tags should display a HTML property, but in fact are displayed only HTML tags.

Have anyone a tip how to fix it?

I use the Prawn in the version

* prawn (0.12.0)
* prawnto (0.0.4)
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It doesn't look like this is supposed anymore ( Prawn html formatting ) -- if you want to use HTML to make your PDF's you can use PDFKit ( ) which also supports CSS.

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I have used prawn to create the pdf and if u take my opinion u dont need to use the prawnto gem with prawn in rails 3. i have just created a blog on this.check this out i have explained it from scratch on how to use prawn with the sample invoice.



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This has now moved to… –  Luke Chadwick Jun 26 '12 at 0:03

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