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I need to test before/after on dates in a certain test case. I'd like to use Hamcrest matchers if possible.

Are there any matchers for Hamcrest (java) for working with Dates? If so, what package/class would I find the particular date matcher functions in?

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The OrderingComparison::greaterThan matcher will work on any type which is comparable to itself (it's in the org.hamcrest.number package, but it's not actually number-specific). Date is such a type.

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Thanks. It seems they've got rid of the class in favour of a static factory method, which makes a really stable link impossible, but i've fixed it as far as i can. –  Tom Anderson Sep 28 '13 at 20:57

There are certain hamcrest extensions that can ease some of the testing related to dates. Please check here.

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Wow, those are pretty neat. –  David Harkness Jan 7 '12 at 5:59

You can have a look at the new Date Matchers that will be added to hamcrest (I don't know when thought):

Date matchers discussion/code changes on github

After a quick look it seems there will be a new package org.hamcrest.date containing:

  • IsAfter
  • IsBefore
  • IsSameDayOfTheMonth
  • IsSameDayOfTheWeek
  • IsSameDayOfTheYear
  • IsSameHour
  • IsSameInstant
  • IsSameMinute
  • IsSameMonth
  • IsSameSecond
  • IsSameYear
  • IsWithin
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There is a library of hamcrest date matchers provided by the library at https://github.com/modularit/hamcrest-date which is also available for maven, ivy, etc at


It supports various matchers for dates so allows constructs such as

Date myBirthday = new Date();
MatcherAssert.assertThat(myBirthday, DateMatchers.after(Moments.today()));


Date myBirthday = new Date();
MatcherAssert.assertThat(myBirthday, DateMatchers.isToday());
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