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The following code produces the compiler error "Expression expected" (Sub is underlined).

Dim lambda As Action(Of Integer) = Sub(x) Console.WriteLine(x)

Why does this not work?

Note: The corresponding C# code works:

Action<int> lambda = x => Console.WriteLine(x);
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I guess you're using Visual Studio 2008. Action lambdas in VB.NET (Sub keyword) have been added in VB 10, which ships with Visual Studio 2010. The same is true for multi-line lambdas, by the way.

Note that this is not a framework issue, but a compiler issue: You can use action lambdas even in .NET 3.5 projects, as long as you use the VS 2010 compiler.

C# had action lambdas before VB, which is why the C# example works even in VS 2008.

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This explains it all. Thanks! –  Olivier Jacot-Descombes Dec 23 '11 at 20:17
Is there a way to do something similar in VB.net 3.5 then? –  Simon Dugré Jun 2 at 14:09
@SimonDugré: Sure, it works perfectly fine in VB.net 3.5! You just need to use VS 2010 or above. –  Heinzi Jun 2 at 14:37
Yeah, I'm stuck with VS 2008, that's why. Sorry my bad, I have not read correctly your answer. –  Simon Dugré Jun 3 at 19:45

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