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I'm trying to make a Rails application that serves simple static HTML pages. I followed Mikel's tutorial here (it involves making a Pages controller and setting up some routing) but I keep getting an error message.

I made a app/views/site/pages/_about.html.erb file to contain my About page. After starting the rails server, I try to go to http://localhost:3000/about/ but it gives me a Routing Error because I have an "uninitialized constant Site."

My project is uploaded to GitHub if you want to take a look at the code.

Edit: here's my config/routes.rb file:

NINAgallery::Application.routes.draw do
  match ':page_name' => 'site/pages#show'

And here's the important part of my app/controllers/pages_controller.rb file:

class PagesController < ApplicationController

  layout 'site'

  def show
    @page_name = params[:page_name].to_s.gsub(/\W/,'')
    unless partial_exists?(@page_name)
      render 'missing', :status => 404

  # extra code for handling 404 errors goes here

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It's fixed! The GitHub link has the working code now. – hao_maike Dec 23 '11 at 21:10

site/pages#show means the show action in Site::PagesController

You either need to put your controller in the namespace your routes imply or change the route

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The last line in the PagesController is this:

ValidPartials = Site::PagesController.find_partials

That means that the PagesController is contained in a Site module. But there is no Site module in your app.

I think simple removing Site:: should fix the problem:

ValidPartials = PagesController.find_partials

Plus the route:

match ':page_name' => 'pages#show'
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Your application is called NINAgallery.

Replace Site in pages_controller.rb line 27 by NINAgallery.


I just took a peek at the so-called tutorial. You are taking really really really bad habits.

Some resources to take very good basics:

If you like tutorials:

And there are plenty of books about rails. All good.

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Why are these bad habits? I guess I don't yet understand the beauty of Ruby on Rails. :D – hao_maike Dec 23 '11 at 21:09
I'm sorry if I've been rude but thing is: bad habits are really difficult to lose and you may regret it later. With the links listed above, you're safe ;) – delba Dec 23 '11 at 21:19
Oh, not at all! I just started developing in Rails, so I still don't know best habits yet. But the links above have pointed me in the direction of them! :) – hao_maike Dec 23 '11 at 21:24

Besides the namespace problem, you also needed to add the 'app' Gem to the Gemfile, as explained in the tutorial.

I don't know why you removed the caching of the static pages in your working code. I made a pull request with the app working and maintaining the cache problem. If another person is interested, the code is here

Also ryan bates has a tutorial called "Semi static pages" that does something similar. I would encourage you to follow his solutions because there are very rarely mistaken.

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