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I've found myself evaluating both of these libs. Apart from what the GraphicsMagick comparison says, I see that ImageMagick still got updates and it seems that the two are almost identical.

So, what should I use for standard image manipulation using C++? (i.e. image load, filters, display)

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From what I have read GraphicsMagick is more stable and is faster. I did a couple of unscientific tests and found gm to be twice as fast as im (doing a resize).

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I am the author of the Magick++ API referenced here and am also the principle maintainer of GraphicsMagick. GraphicsMagick includes Magick++ so it should be easy to use both ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick via the Magick++ API.

GraphicsMagick is up to release 1.3.7 now.


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Sounds excellent! Can it be used in Objective C development for iOS? – Pedery Dec 1 '11 at 5:56

I found ImageMagick to be incredibly slow for processing TIFF group-4 images (B&W document images), mainly due to the fact that it converts from 1-bit-per-pixel to 8 and back again to do any image manipulation. The GraphicsMagick group overhauled the TIFF format support with their version 1.2, and it is much faster at processing these types of images than the original ImageMagick was. The current GraphicsMagick stable release is at 1.3.5.

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I use ImageMagick when speed isn't a factor. However on the server side, where tens of thousands of images are being processed daily, GraphicsMagick is quite noticeably faster - in some cases up to 50% faster in benchmarks!

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I use ImageMagick Magick++ API and I'm quite satisfied. I use ImageMagick for almost all my batch image manipulation needs, so it's logical to continue with Magick++ Really don't understand the need of GraphicsMagick fork. Hope it helps. mario

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The general consensus here runs against this selected answer -- that although ImageMagick is capable, it certainly isn't as fast. My tests have also shown this as well. – Volomike Feb 23 '10 at 5:06
how can someone who obviously didnt understand the difference between the two libs have gotten the accepted answer? – Jimmery Feb 10 '14 at 11:47

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