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I have a big database and I need to create an uml diagram.

The only program I find to make this automatically is Mysql Workbench, but I don't like it to work. I usually work with Argouml.

Mysql workbench exports a .mwb, this is a compressed file with an xml file inside. This xml is not compatible to import in Argouml. Argouml only imports .xmi files.

How can I convert mwb to xmi file? or is there any other program to create uml from .sql file or database connection and export in .xmi?

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You might consider using, DB Designer 4 as it integrates with Mysql Workbench. I have not personally used this however. Also, for your consideration, Related question.

Finally, assuming ArgoUML can import XSI formatted UML then this script ( might work, from

Good luck, I would try and go through XSI formatted UML, most supported and transportable.

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If you want to stick with ArgoUML, you can reverse engineer from the database using argouml-db.

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