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My CMDIFrameWndEx derived main frame window uses a CMFCRibbonStatusBar to which I add a CMFCRibbonLabel. I'd like to change the text of this label at runtime:


It only updates the text but not the rectangle in which to draw it. So if the original text was too short, the new string won't be visible completely.

How do I get it to resize correctly?

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You don't need to remove and re-add. Just call this:

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use the CMFCRibbonStatusBarPane::SetAlmostLargeText function

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Answering my own question again...

I worked around the issue by adding and removing the label instead of trying to change the text.

Code for adding the label:

CMFCRibbonLabel* pLabel = new CMFCRibbonLabel(description);
pLabel->SetID(ID_MYLABEL); // ID is 0 by default


Note that I'm setting an ID so I can later call CMFCRibbonStatusBar::RemoveElement() with that ID. The calls to RecalcLayout() and RedrawWindow() are needed to make the changes visible.

Code for removing the label:

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