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I have to separate a big list of emails and names, I have to split on commas but some names have commas in them so I have to deal with that first. Luckily the names are between "quotes".

At the moment I get with my regex output like this for example (edit: it doesn't display emails in the forum I see!):

"Talboom, Esther"

"Wolde, Jos van der"

"Debbie Derksen"  <deberken@casema.nl>,   corine  <corine5@xs4all.nl>, "

The last one went wrong cause the name had no comma so it continues until it founds one and that was the one i want to use to separate. So I want it to look until it finds '<'. How can I do that?

import java.util.regex.Pattern;
import java.util.regex.Matcher;

String test = "\"Talboom, Esther\" <E.Talboom@wegener.nl>,     \"Wolde, Jos van der\" <J.vdWolde@wegener.nl>,   \"Debbie Derksen\"  <deberken@casema.nl>,   corine  <corine5@xs4all.nl>, \"Markies Aart\" <A.Markies@wegenernieuwsmedia.nl>";

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\".*?,.*?\"");

Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(test);

boolean found = false;
while (matcher.find ()) {

edit: better line to work with since not all have a name or quotes:

String test = "\"Talboom, Esther\" <E.Talboom@wegener.nl>,     DRP - Wouter Haan <wouter@drp.eu>, \"Wolde, Jos van der\" <J.vdWolde@wegener.nl>,   \"Debbie Derksen\"  <deberken@casema.nl>,   corine  <corine5@xs4all.nl>, clankilllller@gmail.com, \"Markies Aart\" <A.Markies@wegenernieuwsmedia.nl>";
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I would simplify the code by using String.split and String.replaceAll. This avoids the hassle of working with a Pattern and makes the code neat and brief.
Try this:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    String test = "\"Talboom, Esther\" <E.Talboom@wegener.nl>,     \"Wolde, Jos van der\" <J.vdWolde@wegener.nl>,   \"Debbie Derksen\"  <deberken@casema.nl>,   corine  <corine5@xs4all.nl>, \"Markies Aart\" <A.Markies@wegenernieuwsmedia.nl>";

    // Split up into each person's details
    String[] nameEmailPairs = test.split(",\\s*(?=\")");
    for (String nameEmailPair : nameEmailPairs) {
        // Extract exactly the parts you need from the person's details
        String name = nameEmailPair.replaceAll("\"([^\"]+)\".*", "$1");
        String email = nameEmailPair.replaceAll(".*<([^>]+).*", "$1");
        System.out.println(name + " = " + email);

Output, showing it actually works :)

Talboom, Esther = E.Talboom@wegener.nl
Wolde, Jos van der = J.vdWolde@wegener.nl
Debbie Derksen = corine5@xs4all.nl
Markies Aart = A.Markies@wegenernieuwsmedia.nl
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I was using the same regex than you before -- until I saw that it would fail for (legal) names such as "me,". –  fge Dec 23 '11 at 23:23
@fge Often it's easier to do these things in two steps - it tends to keep the regex still readable, and is easier to understand, debug and maintain –  Bohemian Dec 23 '11 at 23:25
Also, .split() will internally use a Pattern, with the difference that it will have to create a new one for each split() invocation -- might as well use a Pattern and its provided split() method ;) –  fge Dec 23 '11 at 23:25
Yes, which is exactly what I do -- see my solution –  fge Dec 23 '11 at 23:26
Because it's easier to read, you should tend to use an API before rewriting it yourself. BTW, internally Pattern.compile (which String.split uses) caches the Patterns, so you don't need your static Pattern - performance is virtually the same without it. –  Bohemian Dec 23 '11 at 23:28

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