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Recently upgraded to Fancybox v2 and can't figure out how to keep Fancybox open when someone clicks outside of the DIV.

I tried "Overlay: null" but then the user can click around the site and navigate away..

I know in Fancybox v1 it was HideonOverlay Click... Any suggestions?

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Answered here: <>; – JFK Dec 24 '11 at 19:59

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Try the following.

helpers : { 
  overlay : {closeClick: false}
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Here is a piece of code and is self explanatory, hope you will find it useful:

$('#locator').live('click', function(){
        type: 'iframe',
        hideOnOverlayClick: false,
        scrolling: 'no',
        autoSize: true,
        href: site_url + 'home/locator',
        beforeClose: function (){
        var latlng = $(".fancybox-iframe").contents().find('input[name=latlng]').val();

I bumped into this question while searching something and felt I would answer it.

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