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Would it be possible to store a "link" to another record inside a record? For example:

table USERS
id    name    link
1     user1   [link to record with id=4 in table info]

So, in PHP, I could do something like this:

// connect to the database etc....
$query          = "select * from users where id=1";
$result         = mysql_query($query);
$another_result = mysql_result($result, 0, 'link');

So that $another_result stores the result of another query, in the same raw format as if it was called using mysql_query().

Is this possible?

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It's called a JOIN. –  Furicane Dec 23 '11 at 22:47
One might also call it SQL: $another_result = mysql_result(mysql_query($result[0]['link'])); –  Eugen Rieck Dec 23 '11 at 22:57

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$query          = "select info.* from info 
                   inner join users on = 
$result         = mysql_query($query);

Using JOIN is a fundamental part of SQL, like using for loops in PHP.

Read A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins by fearless leader.

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Maybe you mean a key that point to a another key in another table, so for example you can have something like this :

table USERS
id    name    info_id
1     user1   4

table INFO
id    info    
4     someinfo

With a JOIN you can get for example a resultset with the "linked" fields :

SELECT AS name, AS info
JOIN INFO i ON u.info_id =  
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MySql is a so called relational database and having relations (links) between tables is one of the key concepts. In your specific case the "link" you want is called a Foreign Key. You might want to have a read here (there are many more articles around if you have a look on google).

You can retrieve linked records via a JOIN operation as the other answerers have already told you.

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