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I'm trying to integrate facebook share by using images directly from my database.

Static images using the OG tags:

 <meta property="og:image" content="" />"

Works fine.

However, my images are not static, they are being called from my database using this:

 echo "<img src=\"pic.php?id=".$id."\"/>";

Where pictures render fine on my website but facebook share does not pick them up.

The logical thing in my mind then would be to do this:

 echo "<meta property=\"og:image\" content=\"".$id."\"/>";

Sadly, this does not work.

Additionally, using rewrite engine to reform the URL:

Does not work either.

Any ideas?

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Not a solution - but this may help; facebook has a great tool called Debugger. You use it to see how facebook views your URL. This tool will alert you when your og:tags are missing or malformed.
It can also be used to decode access tokens.

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