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I'm getting some warnings I don't understand.

I have put Apple's sample SOAP web server inside a Quartz Composer patch, that I hope to use to receive information from HTTP requests. I start the web server from the patch's startExecution: like this:

__unused WebServer *server = [[WebServer alloc] initWithName:@"SOAP adder" delegate:self];

I pass it self, so that I have a way, from the SOAP server, to pass the received data back to the composition. I do that like this:

[[self delegate ] setIncomingBoutData:boutData];

I have incomingBoutData declared in my plugin's header file, and I have it synthesized in my implementation file. Xcode complains at me, saying:

"Instance method '-setIncomingBoutData' not found (return type defaults to 'id')"

I have that method synthesized, and incomingBoutData is declared like this:

@interface WebReceiver : QCPlugIn
@private NSDictionary* incomingBoutData;

@property(readwrite,assign) NSDictionary* incomingBoutData;


I'm not sure why I'm getting that Warning. When I run this patch, and send it some data through a web request, the data is received by the web server perfectly. When the web server tries to send the parsed data back to the patch, using:

[[self delegate ] setIncomingBoutData:boutData];

it works, but I see this error in my console log.

2011-12-23 16:52:44.096 Quartz Composer[16493:407] *** EXCEPTION IGNORED: *** -[NSPlaceholderString initWithString:]: nil argument

This only happens after the first call to setIncomingBoutData. Subsequent calls work with no error message.

Why am I getting this Warning from Xcode, and why do I get this error message in the console log on the first call to my setter?

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I found the source of the exception. It has nothing to do with anything I've posted here. It was in the plugin code, after it sees the new data in incomingBoutData. However, I still don't understand why Xcode is complaining about the setter methods not being defined. An explanation of that would be appreciated. – Adam Dec 23 '11 at 23:23
Does WebServer take a WebReceiver class as it's delegate? Does the init signature look like this: -(id)initWithName:(NSString*)n delegate:(WebReceiver*)wr ? – thelaws Dec 23 '11 at 23:30
Yes, it looks like: - (id)initWithName:(NSString *)name delegate:(WebReceiver *)delegate; – Adam Dec 23 '11 at 23:34
If you declare incomingBoutData as private, why are you trying to set it from another class? – thelaws Dec 23 '11 at 23:39
When I remove @private, Xcode still gives me the same warnings. It probably shouldn't be private, but I'm not sure that matters. – Adam Dec 24 '11 at 4:10

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