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Normally colors are called through their hexadecimal associations, but in the code is it possible to call these colors trough some constants build in windows console API ?

Here are colors names I found while searching SO: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7138277/393087

colors codes:

7 => default
0 => black
1 => blue
2 => green
3 => aqua
4 => red
5 => purple
6 => yellow
7 => light gray
8 => gray
9 => light blue
A => light green
B => light aqua
C => light red
D => light purple
E => light yellow
F => white

Are these names official ? So for example I could do:

SetConsoleTextAttribute(hConsole,LIGHT_BLUE * 16 + LIGHT_AQUA);
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Console Screen Buffers - Character Attributes

FOREGROUND_BLUE         Text color contains blue.
FOREGROUND_GREEN        Text color contains green.
FOREGROUND_RED          Text color contains red.
FOREGROUND_INTENSITY    Text color is intensified.
BACKGROUND_BLUE         Background color contains blue.
BACKGROUND_GREEN        Background color contains green.
BACKGROUND_RED          Background color contains red.
BACKGROUND_INTENSITY    Background color is intensified.
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