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I have several tables with more than 5 millions records in each and it's grown up every minute. I generate some statistics from this data, using group by on generated string (from column with datetime type). But it takes several seconds (2-3 seconds now and so will grow later).

(sql query generated by ActiveRecord [Rails]):

SELECT SUM(`payment_queue`.`sum`) AS sum_sum,
       DATE_FORMAT(CONVERT_TZ(created_at,'+00:00','+04:00'), '%Y-%m-%d') AS date_format_convert_tz_created_at_00_00_04_00_y_m_d FROM `payment_queue` 
WHERE (created_at BETWEEN '2011-12-23 20:00:00' AND '2011-12-24 19:59:59') 
GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(CONVERT_TZ(created_at,'+00:00','+04:00'), '%Y-%m-%d')

I can not add already formatted string in varchar column, cause formatting string ('%Y-%m-%d' in example) and time zone ('+04:00') can be anything what user want.

So, maybe you know how to improve query/table structure to accelerate fetching data?

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oh... i'll edit now :) – r-k Dec 24 '11 at 12:14

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