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Example of strings to search:

name = 'bob'
init= 'tim', 
first =sarah,
surny = 'o'doherty',
extend = 'marshall , mathers (111)'

This regex search below is erroneous:

[ ]*,?[ ]*(.+)[ ]*=[ ]*'?(.*)'?[ ]*(,|;)*[ ]*

Regex replace with 2 groups: \1 \2

Desired results below:

name bob
person mary
init tim 
first sarah
name o'donnel
surny o'doherty
extended marshall , mathers (111)

Pseudocode in order is basically:

optional spaces,one optional comma,optional spaces,any characters (grouped),optional spaces,optional spaces,one optional single quote,any characters (grouped),one optional single quote,optional spaces,one optional comma or semicolon,optional spaces
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Just make it non-greedy: (.+) -> (.+?) and (.*) -> (.*?), demo.

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