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I am using action caching on my Rails 3 app on Heroku with the :expires_in option. I've tried calling expire_action, directly in the controller upon update, and within a sweeper. Nothing seems to expire the cache entry properly.

In my controller:

caches_action :embed, :if => Proc.new { |c| c.request.format.js? || c.request.format.rss? }, :expires_in => 5.minutes

In my action:

expire_action :action => :embed, :format => :js

And I've also attempted it in a sweeper, attempting to use the url generator to get the exact key:

expire_action obj_embed_url(@obj.unique_token)

I wonder if it is Heroku using the Varnish cache layer, which you can't expire. (The cache clearly expires after the 5 minutes, because I can see the content update.) It appears that I have the memcached add-on configured correctly (using the Dalli gem; config.cache_store = :dalli_store), and I can see the appropriate environment variables...

$ heroku config |grep MEM 
MEMCACHE_PASSWORD     => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MEMCACHE_SERVERS      => xxx.xxx.northscale.net
MEMCACHE_USERNAME     => appxxxxxx%40heroku.com

What am I missing here?

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Varnish will only cache files with a Cache-control header set. If you're running on Cedar, are you sure this hasn't cached to the filesystem? (Re-deploying will create a new dyno and clear this as a test) –  Neil Middleton Dec 24 '11 at 11:11
The app is on bamboo-ree-1.8.7. Yes, I wanted to avoid Varnish because of the inability to expire sooner than the cache-control length by using memcached (as it's in memory). –  sands Dec 25 '11 at 7:30

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finally figured this out.

Heroku's paths must not be matching up with the expire create/expire calls. so if you specify the path in the cache creation, and call that path specifically in the expire, it will work. also i had to use "expire_fragment" instead of "expire_action". here's my code:

in your controller:

caches_action :load, :up, :juice, :fresh, :cache_path => :custom_cache_path.to_proc

def custom_cache_path
  path = "#{params[:controller]}/#{params[:action]}"
  path += "/#{params[:id]}" if params[:id]
  path += "/#{params[:sha]}" if params[:sha]

in the expiring method:

expire_fragment "serve/up/#{@site.id}"
expire_fragment "serve/fresh/#{@site.secret}"
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