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In asp classic and vbscript, you can declare a Const with a hexidecial value, and a date type value:

 Const C_STARTDATE = #1 JAN 2000#

But how can I declare currency, single or doubles data types?

 Const C_LONG = 1024 '# I want this to be a LONG, not an INT!

I'm sure I've seen something like Const C_LNG = L12345 or some other prefix/suffix combination for longs or doubles but can't find the source now

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You can't declare variables with data types in ASP just set the value in decleration, that should work fingers crossed.

I don't think there is currency type anyway. For double you can 1.00 etc.

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There are currency data types: msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/9e7a57cf(VS.85,loband).aspx I like "fingers crossed". I've gotfar too used to that that now... –  Guy May 14 '09 at 9:55

Here is the CLng function for VBScript. But since you can't declare use a function for a constant declaration, and you can't re-assign to a constant, do you really have to use constants here?

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