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Are there any Symfony2 book available ? Of course I walk through the official Symfony2 documentation and book . I need a step by step guidance on how to get thing done in Symfony2.

Can anyone tell me about any good resources to get started ?

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Do you still feel the need for a book or did the cookboo from the core developers solve what you were looking for? –  Daniel Ribeiro Nov 27 '12 at 18:38
Start reading 2.1 official doc. It is quite good. I also follow a high quality blog tutorial.symblog.co.uk –  channa ly Dec 3 '12 at 3:00
if you are looking for good book except the cookbook and documentation provided by the official symfony.com . please try this one leanpub.com/a-year-with-symfony this book is really good for new beginners in symfony framework. –  Ajay Patel Apr 7 at 6:59

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Symfony 2.0 Core Team titled 'The Book':

Symfony have released a book on the framework:

Prepared by the core team, this is the Symfony bible. It is the reference for any user of the platform, who will typically want to keep it close at hand.

HTML Version | PDF Version

Symfony 2.0 Cookbook:

The Symfony core team also has a cookbook out there:

A cookbook is not intended to teach you how to cook: it guides you in preparing specific dishes according to a precise methodology. The Symfony cookbook is similar: You will find specific solutions for specific needs.

HTML Version | PDF


Create your own framework on top of Symfony:

Fabien Potencier, a founder of Symfony project, also has his own blog and a long series on using symfony 2.0 to create your own framework:

This article is part of a series of articles that explains how to create a framework with the Symfony2 Components:

Blog Series Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Tutorial on installing symfony 2.0

Digital Ocean goes through how to install symfony 2.0:

For this tutorial I will be using symfony distribution without vendors as it adds a bit more flexibility when including third-party/vendor libraries.

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good resources. –  channa ly May 10 '12 at 3:02
tutorial.symblog.co.uk is worth to mention here too. –  channa ly Dec 3 '12 at 3:01

I'm not aware of any book for Symfony2 (except one which is currently being written in spanish).

Still, if you're looking for a good resource to start with Symfony2, Ryan (main writer of the Symfony2 documentation) and the KnpLabs team have taken some time to put together a really nice 1 hour long tutorial on KnpUniversity.com:


Hope this helps

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Spanish version would be great. Is there any free resources ? It seems that every contributor are focusing on earning money. Do you you know if there any free screen cast ? I love ruby and rubyonrails respecting to their documentations and very great screencast for free. I personally feel like Ruby programmers are kinder than php programmers. –  channa ly Dec 24 '11 at 13:47
@channaly The Symfony2 tutorial Symblog has been translated into Spanish, check it out symblog.site90.net –  d.syph.3r Dec 24 '11 at 14:50
@channaly Well to be honest, putting together a profesional quality screencast takes a lot of time. So those are a good alternative/addition to the free resources (mainly symfony.com/doc/2.0/book) for people who want to learn faster. So I feel it's fair that they're not free - the same way I feel that the best Rails screencasts are available for a few dollars on peepcode. –  mbontemps Dec 25 '11 at 0:08
I don't undersand spanish, but here is the last link about the Symfony2 book in spanish: symfony.es –  mbontemps Dec 25 '11 at 0:15

Check out Symblog. Its a step by step guide for building a Symfony2 blog website, set out much in the same format as the original Jobeet tutorial.

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Having done the original "Jobeet" tutorial many years ago, it was quite well I remember those days with a bit of nostalgia. Having to dive back in Symfony, that is now at v2, this is still relevent as of April 2014. –  stefgosselin Apr 7 at 5:05

A good first step could be http://tutorial.symblog.co.uk/

A guide to create your own blog in Symfony2.

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From teh Google: http://symfony.com/doc/2.0/book/

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That is a good question as symfony2 has been out for a while but there are not any books there yet. There is a book called "Building PHP Applications with Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend Framework" which covers some aspects of symfony2. I do recommend this book as it also covers other MVC frameworks and it may help you to decide which MVC to use.

The best resource to start with symfony2 is the official documentation. There is a clear guide how to start with everything. http://symfony.com/doc/2.0/book/

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I am aware with MVC . I have a lot of experience working with MVC framework like rubyonrails, cakephp and ZF . I realise a book can not cover enough these 3 biggest frameworks . Anyway thanks for suggestion, I will take a lot on it. –  channa ly Dec 24 '11 at 13:39

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