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I'm using pic18f4550 in which the size of it's port are 6 bits

I want to read and write a data of 8 bit. what I did is writing data on (let say) port A and port C

what I want to do now, is to read all the 6 bits form port A and concatenate them with the first two bits of C in order to store the result in character which holds 8 bit How can I do such concatenation?

in other words I want to do this char a = PortA from(0-5) + portc from(0:1)?

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Just shift, mask and OR the bits together, e.g.

uint8_t a, b;

// ... read data from ports A and B into a, b ...

uint8_t c = (a << 2) | (b & 0x03); // shift a left by 2 bits and
                                   // OR with LS 2 bits of b
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